Wednesday, 7 April 2021

TypeScript const assertions FTW

  • typescript

EVERYONE is on the TypeScript train nowadays, and for good reason.

But one thing that has really filled me with joy is const assertions (

You can do some lovely shit with them, particularly with styled-components. Take this simple map:

export const statusColours = {
  success: '#91C699',
  danger: '#E75C5E',
  warning: '#E6AF5F',
  progress: '#91C699',
} as const

In your components you can import statusColours and call statusColours.success to retrieve the hex code for the "success" status for example. But what if you wanted to add a new prop to a component that only allows one of the colours above and at the same time make it a nice API?

This is where the as const assertion comes in handy. It allows you to "tokenize" the items in the object and make them available as a type.

Instead you can just create a new type like so:

export type StatusVariants = keyof typeof statusColours

Which produces:

And then in your component, you have this lovely fancy autocomplete:

Which is dynamically computed based on the keys in the statusColours object.

I love TypeScript ❤️